Frequently Asked Questions

How do your slippers fit? True to size, small, large? Will they stretch?

Your slippers should fit snugly without feeling uncomfortable. Over time they will stretch (about a half size) to the contours of your foot and wear pattern.

Can I wear my slippers outside?

We recommend that you wear your slippers inside to preserve their longevity.

Can I order a size if it's not available?

If we are out of stock in your size you may email us with your size and style request (open heel or closed) and we can send you an email when we have more in stock.

Can I cancel an order once it's been placed?

Our goal is to get your order out within 24 hours. To cancel, please email us immediately. If your order has shipped, please wait until the order arrives and follow the return procedure.

Can I return my product?

You may return your order within 14 days. After 14 days we will not accept any returns. The returned items must be in their original condition in order to recieve a full refund.

Do I have to pay shipping for product returns?

If you choose to ship product back you may do so via your preferred method, please insure the package gets a tracking number and be sure to leave the return slip in your package so that we know who it belongs to. We cannot be responsive to your request until we have received your return.

What are the benefits of natural wool?

Our slippers are 100% natural material that is meant to mold and form to your feet, making them a perfectly comfortable fit. Wool is a natural and renewable fiber with plenty of its own inherent benefits. It is completely biodegradable and incredibly breathable fiber that also provides warmth. In cold temperatures, wool removes (wicks) moisture from the skin while at the same time its insulating qualities trap dry air and warmth. In warm temperatures, wool’s breathable qualities draw in air which removes excess heat and moisture from the body, helping the wearer stay cool. Wool is naturally water-resistant, repelling moisture vapor through its fibers and making it resistant to rot, mold, and mildew.